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Four years ago was born in Sintra to reflect upon the current social and economical role of the Industry in the western Wold, as well as a form of understanding what it takes until a piece of furniture gets to its final user. We made it our responsibility to design, produce and sell all ours products directly to the final customer, in order to preserve freedom of choice. We wanted to produce locally and with Portuguese raw materials. We were committed at treating everyone in the process fairly, and in the end having the products for sale on a fair price for both the customer and the Planet. Four years went by fast furiously! We are thrilled to look back and see how far we came, but we feel humble at how much is still there to be done. We want to say THANK YOU to everyone involved – from producers and manufacturers to all of you that placed orders for our products. It wouldn’t have been possible without each and every one of you! Earlier this year, as a way of celebrating the last four, but most of all as a way of deepening the reflection that kicked-off back in 2010, we came up with a new project – eat. We hope you stay with us. We are in love!