Project – Door Handle

Material – Stainless Steel

Year – 2007

Status – Prototype

Something that we handle or something that we hold?
In this case, something that we handle holding.

The holding dimension of this project was far more interesting to us, and guided the whole concept development and design process.

This project aims at giving shape to one of the main driving working forces in the office – to work on truly functional objects for our times. Objects to which their function goes beyond the sole action they were specifically conceived for. Objects that function extremely well on the practical level, and therefore pass the test of everyday life; but also objects that make us feel (unconsciously) good for the simple fact of using them.


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  1. Ola Kjellander, arch SAR/ MSA Says:

    Interior design with its textures, fabrics and colours , today, obviously demands optional versions off all kinds off components. Lighting, doorhandles and all other detailing in the spacial experience is included in that sense. Screen-printed glass and walls are interesting ways to create strong, integrated effects. As a detail in a context like that this piece of design helps clarifying the idea.

  2. Patrick Wüthrich Says:

    Doors are an essential part of architecture – door handles as well. If we can give them a little twist they become a more conscious part of architecture.

    The handle is timless and has a twist. I like that!

  3. David Adjaye Says:

    You can tell it is a highly designed door handle; an intelligent product as it plays with light. I could imagine it works well in fashionable spaces like bars or clubs, where design is in the foreground. It is definitively not an ‘everyday’ product.

    commented by David Adjaye in discussion with Joanna Malitzki

  4. Manuel Aires Mateus Says:

    This door handle questions the way we relate to an invisible element of our lives. Us being more and more immune to the frantic rhythm of new shapes generated by mass production, here we come to an halt in a rather unexpected way. Tactility is not only drawing; it isn’t form only. The moment of opening a door was reinvented through an object that invites us to reflect upon the uniqueness of the daily gesture.

  5. João Luis Carrilho da Graça Says:

    The concept is very interesting. A molded mesh (skin) which defines the shape and allows to read its tridimensionality. The concept suits very well the object.

    On the other hand, we consider that the way that has been undertaken, either for economic reason, or by technical issues, is following the opposite direction of the original main idea, misrepresenting it and approaching it to a current handle with holes in its surface.

    We sincerely hope that you can go forward to the original idea that will make a very achieved and universal piece that we would like to use in our buildings in the near future.

    João Luis Carrilho da Graça with Anne Demoustier and Paulo Costa

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