Make it is a new service offered by GPOD | Gonçalo Prudêncio Office for Design. Due to our everyday work, we’ve built a wide and very reliable network of manufacturers that can be of use to make ideas happen. Either you have an idea for a piece of furniture for your home, or you are a brand or entrepreneur developing a new product, we can be of use to you! Contact us to present your product idea, and we will work with you fine-tuning it, and set up a production system to have it produced within your budget and delivered according to your schedule.


Candle Holder year 2013


Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua approached us with a vague idea for having products produced with wood coming from their Mountain State in Sintra that could be sold in their shops.  The challenge for us was double: 1 –  not to come up with the touristic souvenir that everyone wanted to have, but kept saying during meetings they wanted to avoid. 2 – come up with a product suitable for the customer profile of those shops – tourists. The result was a candle holder in Acacia for tealight candles. The success came fast, and during the first 6 months of the project we produced over 2,000 units.


Bed year 2013


A young couple wanted to have a new bed for their soon to be 4 year old son. They had a precise idea in mind which was not 100% fitting their budget. The challenge for us was to fine tune their idea in order to have it made according to their financial goal without loosing the original feeling. Thinking materials through, as well as construction techniques, was key for a successful result.


A Tray for Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottles year 2012


Esporão asked us for the impossible we thought at the time! They wanted to move production of their olive oil and vinegar trays used in restaurants from China back to Portugal, and they asked us if we could take care of that. So far so (very) good! They presented us the model of the tray they had in production, and dropped the bomb – “can you do it cheaper here?” After we recovered from the blast, we replied with 2 questions: 1 –  can we redesign the tray?; 2 – how many would you like to produce. Their answers came straight away:  1 – yes; 2 –  15,000 units to start with.  We said OK, and the meeting ended.  After a couple of months working, we presented them our proposal –  a tray in cork agglomerate with a stainless-steel handle. They liked it, but also told us that the production numbers dropped to 9,000 units! We went through and still managed to take 25% off from the price of the “Chinese” version! YES!


Side Tables year 2011


The nice people of Frama decided to work with our dear friend Nicholai Wiig Hansen on a new design for a side table. As Nicholai’s design was meant to be produced in cork agglomerate and marble, both Frama and Nicholai came to us to help them setting the production of their new design in Portugal. After a few phone calls to manufactures we were up for prototypes. We sent the first tables to Denmark a couple of weeks later, and both Nicholai and Frama were pleased with the quality and production price. The go-for-production came straight away, and Frama has been placing orders regularly since then. They called the table Sintra because it is produced here. For us this was a very sweet way of recognizing a job well done.