Design struggles with form following function but rarely manages a perfect match. The result’s either only about form or about function alone. Rather poor and uninspiring in any case. The in-between field is our playground. If form is the dream, and function the reality, we aim at something that could be called dreamality. Each project begins with a dream-driven-research-based-process of trial and error where common ingredients such as function,  technology, materials and price  are combined to achieve the most sensible social, economical and ecological outcome.

In parallel to the afore mentioned, we see the design process as more than giving form to a specific function. The realm of an industrially produced object is far more complex than that. As a complement to the primary focus on product development, we add up an effective effort on defining new models of thinking for industrial manufacture, in order to create considered tutorials for change. Therefore we also aim at applying design thinking in its essence to questions of organization, identity, culture and content, in order to help defining possible strategies, from the conceptual to the operative, of addressing the full impact of a product within the vast potential of our contemporaneity.